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Historical Photo Opportunity

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Old-time photo in sepia

Step back in time by dressing up as an Old West cowboy, pioneer woman, or saloon gal in authentic period attire. We can help you look the part.

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Old-time photo in color

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What others say
about Tom's
performance as
Theodore Roosevelt:

Regarding Tom's program on "Theodore Roosevelt & the 7 Principles of Leadership", Karen Winnie, GS-14, USAF HAF AFEC/CZCA, Randolph AFB has this to say: The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. As several noted, "If he had been my instructor, I may have listened to my history lessons." And, "I just got another email from a participant saying that your presentation was her most favorite part of the entire day."

You have really captured the energy and conviction of TR's style. Your depiction of Theodore Roosevelt does him great service in conveying not just his words but his conviction, passion, and persuasion, which were all part of the same package. Nicely done. ~ Jeff G. Bohn, Member, Theodore Roosevelt Association, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Enjoyed it. A good overview of TR and his life. ~ RADM P.W. "Wick" Parcells, USN (Ret.), Executive Committeeman and 2009 Trustee of the Theodore Roosevelt Association

Your physical appearance, booming voice, and vibrant spirit brought forth all of the historical significance of this fascinating man [Theodore Roosevelt] whose life was one of overcoming one challenge after another. ~ Mrs. John D. Boswell, President of the Fenwick Club, San Antonio, Texas

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Theodore Roosevelt Lives!

To see Tom Jackson as TR, watch the video at the bottom of this page.

Good Citizenship

Tom Jackson as Theodore (TR) Roosevelt with the Texas Supreme Court

Spend some quality time with a true American hero, Theodore Roosevelt (TR), the only American to be awarded the Medal of Honor and the Nobel Prize. During his 60 years of leading the "strenuous life", TR was not only a devoted family man, but a visionary reformer, public servant, conservationist, journalist, soldier, explorer, 26th President of the United States, author, hunter, and diplomat.

TR was a true “Renaissance man”, known throughout the world for his crusades for the advancement of democracy, peace, justice, economic opportunity, knowledge, and the common good. . .known as the “Square Deal”. His boundless energy, optimism, heroic deeds, and reformist zeal won him the respect of ordinary citizens and leaders throughout the world. Take a journey back in time and hear TR’s own words while he reminisces about his extraordinary life, times, and concepts that are as relevant today as they were in his time.

In 1898, Theodore Roosevelt, one of the commanders of the 1st US Volunteer Cavalry, commonly known as "Roosevelt's Rough Riders", recruited some of them at the historic Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas. He also trained them in San Antonio before their departure for Cuba and participation in the Spanish-American War. Through Tom Jackson's protrayal of Theodore Roosevelt, you can experience for yourself TR's exploits in Cuba which won him the Medal of Honor and made him one of the most famous soldiers in US military history.

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Theodore Roosevelt as President

Lt. Col. Roosevelt
at Menger Hotel bar,
San Antonio, TX.

Lt. Col. Roosevelt at Menger Hotel bar, San Antonio, TX.

Bull Moose
Party Candidate

Theodore Roosevelt as the Bull Moose Party Candidate

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Theodore Roosevelt as Explorer/Conservationist


Theodore Roosevelt as Hunter/Naturalist