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Historical Photo Opportunity

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Old-time photo in sepia

Step back in time by dressing up as an Old West cowboy, pioneer woman, or saloon gal in authentic period attire. We can help you look the part.

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Old-time photo in color

Recommended photographer:
Goen South Photography
328 Mistletoe
San Antonio TX  78212
210-736-5006 or visit their website.

Examples of available performances:

Alamo Tours
Meet and Greet
Keynote Addresses
Photo Ops
and others upon request

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Performances by Tom Jackson speak for themselves, but there is nothing more convincing than what others have to say about their first-hand accounts after witnessing "history brought to life" by Tom. After reading just these testimonials, you won't want to wait another minute to book him for your next event.

What others say about Tom's performance as Theodore Roosevelt.

Regarding Tom's program on "Theodore Roosevelt & the 7 Principles of Leadership", Karen Winnie, GS-14, USAF HAF AFEC/CZCA, Randolph AFB has this to say: The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. As several noted,"If he had been my instructor, I may have listened to my history lessons." And, "I just got another email from a participant saying that your presentation was her most favorite part of the entire day."

You were amazing, entertaining and more than we thought. They loved your delivery and presentation of material. I was there for 2 hours after your program still talking to members-they usually leave immediately. BZ. Well done. ~ LT. Steven Brewster, U.S Navy, and Governor, San Antonio Colony of the Texas Society of Mayflower Descendants, San Antonio, Texas

Everyone was mesmerized by your impersonation of Teddy Roosevelt. Every detail of Roosevelt's career as presented by you was accurate and informative. This was by far the most entertaining and interesting program I have attended in years. Great job. ~ Col. Donald J. Engelking, US Army (Ret.), member, San Antonio Professional Tour Guide Association, San Antonio, Texas

I thought your Teddy was spot on! Your knowledge of your subject and your ability to answer questions while in character was simply outstanding. ~ Randy Felts, Silver Ghost Tours, San Antonio, Texas

You certainly looked and spoke the part [of Theodore Roosevelt] beautifully. It was a grand time for everyone who came. What a change of pace! ~ Keith Orme, Conopus Club 2nd Vice President,
San Antonio, Texas

What others say about Tom's presentations on the Texas Revolution.

If you have chance to hear Tom Jackson as he brings HISTORY ALIVE, I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity. ~ Daniel T. Kelly, Chairman & President, Growmark Corp., Bloomington, Illinois

Your presentation of the History of the Alamo was a raging success. It set the pace for our visit to the Alamo and gave us a better understanding of our history as a nation. Many thanks for an excellent job. ~ John Featherstone, 15th SBC, USMC (ret.)

What others say about Tom's performance as a Texas Cowboy.

I would recommend Tom Jackson’s living history presentations to any school interested in enriching their Texas history curriculum. ~ Susan Altgelt, Coordinator, Distance Learning Services, Region 20 Educational Service Center, San Antonio, Texas

What others say about Tom's personally-guided Alamo tours.

We thoroughly enjoyed your Alamo tour. You made it all come alive for us. ~ Nancy Avers, Virginia